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Ac.Yun Zhang (right) with her mentor, Dr. Shi Dian Bang, who worked for the central medical group of China which serves exclusively for China's top government leaders.

张云针灸师(右)和她的导师施奠邦教授(中国著名的中医学家、原中国中医研究院院长、中国中医科学院名誉院长,原中国中央领导医疗小组成员  )。

Ac. Yun Zhang

● Has been practicing acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine treatment in China since 1993 and in Montreal since 2005.

● Graduated from the university specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology (1993).

● Worked full-time at the famous traditional Chinese Medicine hospital, Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( 1993 - 2002 ).
作为临床医生,曾经全职(1993 - 2002)工作于广东省中医院、广东省珠海中医院。

● Yun's mentor, Dr. Shi Dian Bang, was the president of Chinese Medical Science Academy at the time and also the president of Xi Yuan Hospital in Beijing. He was also part of the central medical group which serves China's top government leaders exclusively.
张云针灸师曾经师从的导师施奠邦教授是中国著名的中医学家、原中国中医研究院院长、中国中医科学院名誉院长,原中国中央领导医疗小组成员  。

●  Served as the professor for the foreign visiting students who came to China for Traditional Chinese Medicine study.

● Interviewed by CBC and Radio-Canada.
曾经被加拿大传媒 CBC 和 Radio-Canada 采访。

30+ years of experience in both Chinese and Western medicine.
已经从事专业工作 30年+


●  Fluent in French, English, and Chinese (both Cantonese and Mandarin).


● Licensed (in Montreal, Quebec) by:

      L'Ordre des Acupuncteurs du Quebec


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